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About Schweitzer

I was born in Texas, but due to my father being a Naval Officer, I lived alternately in Texas and California most of my life. My interest in music started fairly early but did not come into focus until High School. My mother had always played guitar and organ and loved to sing, but my brother, Dan, started writing songs, and for me, that was the spark. Eventually, I "sib-jugated" (see what I did there?) the songwriting bug from my brother, only learning guitar - and then piano - to facilitate the writing process. After High School, I joined the U.S. Army and served in Germany in the infantry. But even in this situation, I found my way into the morale program, directing the music for stage productions and performing in variety shows for the troops and their families abroad. Once back in "States" I would play in several bands and work as a recording engineer in Los Angeles, and despite losing control of my music on life's many curves, I would eventually self-publish several albums, a novel, novellas and short stories. On August 1, 2016, my main inspiration and best supporter, my brother, Leland Dan Schweitzer, passed away. I have taken up the mantle of preserving Dan's work, interpolating this effort into my own projects. I was already on-track with my 5th album, but I repurposed it to include my own recordings of several of Dan's songs that had only been recorded as reference versions. Ultimately, I decided to call that album "Fences" after one of my brother's songs. I have also decided that future projects will follow that template until there is no more to offer.


When the self-publishing efforts began I chose to go by only my surname for practical reasons. I realized early on that there's too much "sch" in saying Richard Schweitzer, and that it doesn't fall trippingly off the tongue, though it does trip and fall, I opted against an actual name change... so "Schweitzer".


Today, "Schweitzer Projects," under the "tindog music & stuff" umbrella, is producing songs that generally fall into the Pop / Pop rock or folk categories, venturing into Progressive Rock and musical theater when the mood strikes, and I just want to keep producing. Who knows, someday something may catch just the right ear. Even if I'm no longer around, with the option of the cyber-universe, everything has a kind of immortality.


One Long Song Ago

I'm all out of words now

I've told all my tales to you

We don't live in a sweet melody

if we did, I'd have sailed to you

 One long song ago


We bet on our wishes forever

what do you do when wishes come true

We threw our hearts to the wind together

but I left the encores up to you

One long song ago


I'm not a star, and you're not a princess

This isn't a song or a scene from a play

No happy endings obscuring our senses

I can't go on hoping blindly this way anymore

Not anymore


I'm all out of time now

It's all too clear, I was waiting in vain

I'm all out of rhymes I can use

I was sure I could take the blame

One long song ago

Long, long ago

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